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WikithalonSeptember 5th, 2016
Let's make knowledge free and accessible. Let's edit Wikipedia!

team-largeHey we like to keep the identity of our team members secret so that they may not be harassed for the stand they take. It has come to our notice that people not agreeing with stand taken by our contributors in particular and PLR in general have been harassed. While we condemn such actions of harassment in a democratic society, we do understand that such actions of unnecessary defamation, public shaming and threats of violence have psychologically and physically implications on our contributors. Considering the same we will have decided to cover up their identities. Further, harassment by hypocrite idiots who pretend to uphold of free speech has been of such extraordinary levels that multiple contributors have decided to stay anonymous. However, some of them still stand strong and provide us with an insight into their belief systems, their world of ideas and their thought process.

@ Blake Andaman: Environment and discussions here have helped me subject myself to a variety of discourses and opened me up for numerous considerations. This addition of a plethora of perspectives has made me look at different situations, knowledge narratives, stereotypes and even everyday haps in a previously unthinkable manner. I understand that there are many more things to learn and this isn’t simply the epitome of knowledge, however, I am of the opinion that the present understanding helps me reflect in a reasonably rational and critical manner. It is this transformation from perpetual state of denial and ignorance to critical thought that forms one of my inspirations for starting this blog.

My interests are law, politics, economy, markets and military intelligence sphere. This along with my neoliberal economic stance and belief that capital is supreme in the globalised world shape my intellectual interests. Along with this I love traveling, some modern art work (very little), photography, biographies (autobiographies in particular), social experiments etc.

I am of the opinion that bias is important for critical evaluation of any environment. In fact I would go to the extent of saying that no critical evaluation is impossible without bias. However, if such bias is labelled properly and stance is explained in a comprehensive manner, it become possible to negate such a bias to a reasonable extent and use conclusive data for more comprehensive elaboration.

On this blog I look forward to critically analyse and reflect on social, legal and economic developments. With the publications I hope to insight intellectual thought and give my little contribution to the creation of meta-knowledge. In future, I hope we can associate with other organisations, governing structures and opinion groups to persuade real time changes and developments.

@Aditi Agarwal: The author of this blog is another ambitious law student who is a sucker for treadmill and a fitness freak. The author might be struggling to strike a balance between his academics and gym life, but has a lot to offer. The author believes in making people aware of the present day situation of the legal system in this country. To make it simple, the author will be discussing pertinent case laws, analyze them; try finding out varied possible outcomes and different interpretations of the law, and lastly attempt to provide valuable suggestions in that regard.

So, what makes the authors of this blog special? Well, the blog is run by the second year law students, pretty ambitious law students who have a vision to improve the legal system through the means of open discussion either via this blog or even through a web-based series.

It is important to note that the authors might differ in their views depending upon their ideology. Additionally, we admit that biases might creep in, when the outcomes of these judgments do not adhere to what we think the desirable outcomes are.

The author would be analyzing the recent case laws, posing some critical questions, discussing the long-term effects of such case laws, coming up with possible solutions, comparing the outcome with other similar placed jurisdictions and also discuss the jurisdiction of the courts in India, possibly at times when they move beyond the law by bringing in morality.

The author’s long term vision is to reach out to the needy to secure their place in the legal system with an inclusionary role and also helping in framing of such laws which will bring development and rapid modernisation to this country along with helping the law makers to draft such laws which would not only cater to the needy but to everyone.

@Jennifer Smith: At the outset, it is important for the reader of this page to know that the authors of this page are law students, pursuing their education from the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The authors would wish to extend a warm welcome to the readers. The first author, is just another contributor for this page with a vision to improve the legal literacy/awareness for the people of his country. He thinks that indulging in a dialogue with people on pertinent issues is one of the means of raising this awareness. This vision stems from the idea that it is important for people to realise their conditions and their rights as the first step towards improving their lives.

In furtherance of this, the authors wishes to write about important issues/analysis of upcoming laws/legislations to spark the debate in order to get the actors aware of new ways of raising entitlements. Be it look howsoever cliched, this idea works wonders.

My contributions would be in the form of blog posts, and research documents, analysing statistics and laws to come to conclusions and pose questions (hopefully) that address the core of problems.

My long term vision is collaborating with an NGO/NGOs involved in ground level field work, and help in remote analysis and conclusion finding, in order to implement ideas. I am not sure how ambitious the scope of my writings are, but surely look for contributing to the amelioration of status quo.

@Arthur McCain : Like everyone else, I am too a law student.

I, for one, would call myself an explorer (Don’t you dare call me Dora) on an expedition to discover myself. I believe everyone in this world is on a quest to find out what they are and what they want to be. This asymmetry is what we wish to nourish and revive ourselves, sadly a handful of us are fortunate enough to be able do that. This is just a sophisticated way of saying do what you love given my aversion to banal understatements and hackneyed clichés barring minor platitudes, coupled with my love for the redundant usage of scholarly vocabulary which is very much manifest in the articles I have been writing.

Deviations apart and getting back on our trajectory, I being a very fickle minded guy find it very hard to stick to a hobby from attempting to learn violin, piano, guitar, table to spending a considerable amount of time in Gym, Cricket, reading, writing, and law; only gymming and  the love of literature has remained my companion.

Since, at PLR we unabashedly flaunt our prejudices, biases, and quirks, I should accept mine too. I am a very moody, cranky, and finicky at my best; People say I am on a perpetual PMS mode.

My work hour productivity is directly proportional to my moods. I find it really difficult to stick to one thing as I said earlier. But I guess that works out in my favour since I believe I would be really disappointed if  I end up finding the perfect stuff for myself because I am the kind of person who is not used to perfection. Some aberration here and there should keep occurring. That’s when you can say you have a happening life, right?

PS: Never question the lame jokes I crack lest you are willing to be lambasted with the most virulent monologue of your life in a hegemonic discourse with me ‘cause by being boisterous is the only way out of the obstreperous, conundrum of a world.

TL;DR?? I am a fun guy J

@Purvi Singh: The author is a self-proclaimed Gandhian communist anarchist. Although this gallimaufry of semantics may at first seem intimidating, the confusion is quickly put to rest once one realizes the inherent harmony that exists between principles of Gandhism and anarchy. The author was drawn to the blog because of his unwavering belief that to be able to make a difference that matters, one needs to start somewhere. One’s ideology, the author believes, is this starting pointing. The idea of arguing one’s case in accordance with one’s ideological leanings instantly appealed to the author, and he jumped at the opportunity to get on board.

One would be well-advised to not bring up capitalism with the author, lest the remainder of one’s day be spoiled. The author harbours in his heart a vile hatred for capitalism and all that it stands for. The author minces no words and is at his vituperative best while tearing down symbols of power and authority. With a dream of a peaceful anarchist society organized along Gandhian principles in his heart, the author embarks on a crusade of his own to bring the bare truth of the nexus between capitalism and unquestioned nationalism to the forefront for everyone to see and fully comprehend its implications for oneself. The blog, the author believes, provides him with the ideal opportunity for the same. At least it’s a start.

When not ranting against the injustices of capitalism and jingoistic bourgeois oppression, the author can be found reading philosophical treatises on political ideologies and liking meaningless posts on various non-mainstream (Facebook is blehh) websites that pander to the authors whims and fancies. The author would appreciate critical engagement with both, those who align with his ideology, and those who do not. He looks forward to the critical discourse coming his way by virtue of being a contributor to this blog.

@Vikas Mehra: The contributor is an independent. A socially awkward human being, she has interests in law ranging from Constitution law to Sports law. She is also a member of Society for Constitutional Law and Public Policy in her university. She is a massive fan of Ayn Rand’s tremendous writings. Besides that, she is a trained Odissi-dancer and fantasizes to be an agriculturalist in future.

Her long term goal is to work in the areas of child rights and animal rights. For more details, please read the second sentence of the previous paragraph and understand her plight in making this section more elaborate.

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